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This website is where you can download the only Star Conquest staff approved soundpack for VIPMud users. We don't have any control over the soundpack once you download and install it. Therefore if you add things to it, we urge that you keep your soundpack changes within the specifications that the staff of Star Conquest have set forth. Simply put, show some respect for those who created this game and abide by their wishes. It took a lot of work to get this soundpack in shape to submit for approval and we want to keep making it better.

If you do edit this soundpack, we ask that you give proper credit to those who have worked on it. In other words, please don't claim what's not yours. Below is text taken directly from the PEOPLECONTRIB command in the soundpack.

"This soundpack has nearly been rewritten by the player of Jason Rat and Melinda Michaels from its original format which was written by Cory Martin and Stephen Hampton. The player of Melinda Michaels started helping him play around with the soundpack and it has, over time, become a very different soundpack from what we started with. We would like to thank the following people for helping make the soundpack better! Elira Waters for sounds for felo! Also, a good friend Matt who does not play Star Conquest. He has helped with some of the harder stuff. Thanks everyone! This pack was updated on 10/03/2018."

If you download the soundpack, we hope you enjoy it. When the soundpack first loads, you will see our e-mail address. If there is anything you would like, let us know! Thanks!

We will be posting to the OOC/General/SC board when there are major updates. Keep an eye out there or on this website. Thank you for using the soundpack for Star Conquest.

Below are the latest changes for the soundpack. All of the new changes will be at the top of the file. Read the newest changes for the soundpack.

I would like to thank the Squidsoft staff for giving this soundpack the green light. We hope to continue to improve the soundpack and enjoy the game for a long time to come.

Star Conquest players, please do not ask questions in regards to how the soundpack works, how it is set up, or errors you may find over help channels. Staff cannot assist with these things. However, we can tell people who need to know where to find this soundpack of the website. If you wish to get help, please ask a friend that may know, or contact me at the e-mail address provided when you first load the soundpack. Thanks everyone!

Below is the ReadMe file to help install the soundpack. Read the ReadMe for the soundpack.

Download the Star Conquest Soundpack for VipMud here.

Last updated: 11/21/2018.

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